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I remember walking out of a meeting a couple years ago, it was my first client meeting with our company’s new CEO (my boss). I thought the meeting went incredibly well, but my boss’s first comment when we stepped out the door:

“You missed it.”

Uh-oh. “Missed it?” I asked. He explained further:

“You dove right into the product, into the pitch, it was way too fast. They gave you an opportunity to really make a personal connection when the meeting started, and you were too quick to dive into business.”

The lesson was that people buy things from, and do business with, people they like. When a customer or prospect takes a meeting or even a call, they already said yes. Use that opening to learn something about them, start some kind of relationship. Whether its 60 seconds or 15 minutes, use the time to build a connection — it’s maybe the most lasting thing you can take away from an in person, video or phone meeting.

People buy things from people they like… and people keep doing business with people they trust.

🏉 Great story, I want this book badly.


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🚘 Great story.

Getty 461515486 2000140920009280157 126998
Getty 461515486 2000140920009280157 126998

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⌗ A reminder that data should inform, not decide.

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